Royals vs Cyclones 3rd Period

A fight broke out with 18:33 left in regulation. Penny from the Royals and Boudreau from the Cyclones each took two minute roughing penalties leading to four on four hockey. 

Royals score to tie game at 2 with 16:32 left in regulation. Luukko (5th) from Pelech and Ibener. 

Then with 15:35 left in regulation the Royals took their first lead of the game with a goal from Goulbourne. Assists to Watkins and Boivin.

Cincinnati called their time out after the goal was scored. 

And with 14:10 left in regulation the Royals scored their 4th of the game. Crandall with the goal. Boivin and McCarthy with the helpers. 

Royals get a power play with 13:39 left in regulation as holding called on Knodel. Cincinnati killed off the penalty.

The Royals make it 5-2 with 2:24 left in regulation. Goal scored by Pelech (3rd of season) with assists to Perry and Pettersson. 

Final score Reading Royals 5; Cincinnati Cyclones 3. Shots on goal 29-25 Royals.

Royals vs Cyclones 2nd Period

Each team took a roughing penalty as thpenalty be of the 1st: LaBelle and Boudreau 

With 19:36 left in the period Yogan gets a goal for the Cyclones. Assits to Atwal and Knodel.

Then with 10:44 left the goal light went on to signal yet another Cyclones goal but it was ruled no goal. 

At 4:59 of the period, Iberer called for hooking putting the Royals on the penalty kill. The Royals successfully killed off the penalty. 

Royals power play play with 10:42 left in the period. Holding the stick called on Mele. Cincinnati killed off the penalty. 

With 1:57 left in the period hooking was called on Leblanc from Cincinnati giving the Royals a power play. Wire 2.7 seconds left in the period the Royals convert and cut the Cyclones’ lead to 2-1. Sundher with the goal from Pettersson and Pelech.

End of second Royals trail Cyclones 2-1. Shots on goal 18-15 Royals. 

Royals vs Cyclones 1st Period

The first penalty of the game came with 15:19 left in the period and it was against Reading. Oullette was called for delay of game. Goulbourne served the penalty and Cincinnati capitalized with 14:57 left in the period to take a 1-0 lead. Goal by Knowdel with assists to Ryan and Yogan. 
No further penalties or scoring so score remained 1-0 Cincinnati after 1st period. Shots on goal 11-7 Royals. 
Some pushing and shoving took place after whistle was blown. 

Phantoms vs Crunch 2nd Period

The Phantoms take another penalty with 18:55 for too many men on the ice. Martel serving the penalty. 

Phantoms score to take 2-0 lead with 16:00 left in the period. Goal scored by Brent. Assists to Conner and Wilcox. Goal was 

With 14:39 left in the period the Phantoms took another penalty. High stick called on Alt. The Phantoms killed off the penalty. 

Haag was sent to the sin bin with 10:20 left in the period for tripping. The Phantoms killed off the penalty.

Phantoms take 3-0 lead with 7:54 left in the period. Aube-Kubel with the goal with assists to Lindblom and Bardreau. Second goal of the season for Aube-Kubel.

Penalties assessed with 6:20 left in the period followed by a fight between Padakin and DeAngelo. Padakin took a beating there. Kneeing also called on Witkowski giving the Phantoms a power play. The Crunch kill off the penalty.

Brent and Blujus dropped the gloves with 1:38 left in the period after Blujus hit Conner into the boards.

Koekkoek from Syracuse took a hooking minor at 18:42. Short handed goal scored by Tambellini. Assist to Peca.

With 6.1 seconds left in the period Goulbourne has two fights! First with DeAngelo and the second with Witkowski. Witkowski takes a  2 minute instigation penalty, five minute fighting & 10 minute misconduct. DeAngelo gets five minutes fighting and a game misconduct. Goulbourne gets two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct and 5 minutes for fighting.

End of the period and Phantoms lead 3-1. Shots on goal 22-16 Phantoms.

Phantoms vs Crunch 1st Period

The Phantoms got an early power play with 18:28 left in the period.Witkowski called for hooking. The Crunch kill off the penalty. 

With 11:34 left in the period the Phantoms score to take a 1-0 lead. Swavely with his third goal of the season. Assists to Goulbourne and Sanheim.

Phantoms to the penalty kill at 9:20 as holding called on Wilcox. The Phantoms killed off the penalty.

Tripping called with 2:21 left in the period against Wilcox putting the Phantoms on the penalty kill. The Phantoms killed off the penalty.

End of the first period and no score. Shots on goal 9-6 Crunch. 

Magic Kingdom March 13, 2016

Sunday started off with me sleeping in again as I didn’t get up until shortly after 8 AM. Because I got a good night sleep I wasn’t effected by the time change. After getting up I went to the fitness center which is called “Survival of the Fittest.” I did the elliptical bike and recumbent bike.

Midday I headed to Magic Kingdom and my first stop was the Neverland Map area as Peter Pan was scheduled to meet from 12 – 12:45 and then again at 1. By the time I got there the 12 line was capped and the 1 PM line started. 


When I finally got to see Peter, he said to me “You came back! It’s been a while and I was worried Captain Hook might have got you.” 

Next I did some window shopping at Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland before stopping at the Pin kiosk where I bought a few pins.  Then I rode The Carousel of Progress. What was odd was we saw the one scene twice because someone got up and left as the carousel was about to move and for safety that must have stopped it from moving.

It was then back to Fantasyland to use my fast pass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 

By this time I was hungry and so I went to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. I had a bacon chicken sandwich with fries.

Next up was the Festival of Fantasy Parade. I had a fast pass for the parade and the fast pass area is now by the flagpole at the park entrance.

Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom was my next mission so I played my portal on Main Street USA and defeated Cruella. I went to Liberty Square to get more cards but the stand was close down. I had to go to the Firehouse to get my daily allotment of cards.

I took a walk through the Emporium, Adventureland and then Frontierland. I browsed the Frontier Trading Post and then watched the Country Bear Jamboree.

Adventureland was my next stop and I sat through the Enchanted Tiki Room. I haven’t watched this in a long time and I can go a while without seeing it again.

Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion were my next stops. I didn’t have a fast pass so I had about a 30 minute wait.

Back to Adventureland and this time it was waiting for Pirates of the Carribean. The over 30 minute wait was worth it as this is a must do attraction each visit.


It was then time for my fastpass to see Anna and Elsa. It’s always good seeing the Frozen sisters.


I inquired about a seat at Skipper Canteen but they weren’t taking walk ups. So I just went to the resort and walked to Jambo House and got a pepperoni flatbread and chicken corn chowder.

Hollywood Studios March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016 marks the first full day of this Walt Disney World vacation. This trip is different than most of my stays in so many ways. First I am solo on this getaway which is a rarity since I almost always have someone with me even if they skip the parks and just do meals, etc. but this time I am completely solo due to a variety of reasons. Second, I flew in at night. Typically when I come to Walt Disney World I take an early morning flight from Philadelphia International Airport and am in Disney by 9 AM. This time I had a 4:20 PM flight out of Lehigh Valley International (which turned into 5:20 PM). Lastly the airport I flew into was different. LVI airport doesn’t have any airlines that fly nonstop to Orlando International so I ended up flying Allegiant Airlines into the Orlando-Sanford airport and took a bus to Disney. So I didn’t get into Animal Kingdom Lodge-Kidani Village until after 9 PM. So by the time I checked in I was hungry and walked to Jambo House to get some grub. After I ate I basically went to sleep so my first day wasn’t spent sight seeing. 

I have already been asked my thoughts on flying into Orlando Sanford as this isn’t my usual travel methods. First it was efficient time wise for me. Lehigh Valley International Airport is a small airport and you can get through security in about five minutes start to finish. It is also only about 20 minutes from my home so I worked Friday and didn’t incur a hotel stay which I often do when I fly out of Philadelphia as I stay the night before. I also didn’t have any parking fees as I got a ride from family. As far as airline fees, yes the base rate of the airline I flew was less but they have a lot more secondary fees. Allegiant charges for checked bags and carryons (the personal item like backpack or purse are free if it fits under seat in front of you but if it goes in overhead bin there is a charge). If you don’t print your own boarding pass or use their phone ap they charge you $5 to print a boarding pass for you (I used the ap). Also no drink or peanuts on the flight unless you buy them. I opted not to buy a drink or snacks but even so with all of the fees I probably didn’t save money on airfare. Financially it’s somewhat of a wash as you have to pay for ground transport and baggage fees for the lower airfare.

As far as Disney this day (Saturday, March 12th) I decided to sleep in. For a variety of reasons, which I don’t have to share on this blog as I put them on my personal blog, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Since this is a vacation I decided to start it out with getting some refreshing sleep so I slept until after 9 AM. I then went to the fitness center and did an hour on the treadmill.

So my day in the parks didn’t start until midday. Hollywood Studios was my first destination:

As the picture shows, it was a bit overcast and there was a slight breeze.

The first attraction of the day was Lights, Motor, Action Extreme Stunt Show. Since this attraction very well may be axed for the Star Wars and Toy Story expansions I’m thinking this could be the last time I see this. 


After Lights, Motor, Action I decided to have lunch. I first stopped in at the ABC Commisary as that is my usual lunch stop when in Hollywood Studios but the lines were long and there wasn’t a lot of open seating. Instead I walked over to the Backlot Express which was also busy but they have the nice outdoor patio where I found a quiet place to sit. 

The Backlot Express has added several menu items that are Star Wars themed. I had the Dark Side chicken and waffles which was chicken nuggets with Dartg Vader waffles:

After lunch I walked the Streets of America and then headed to Toy Story Midway Mania as I had a fast pass. Unfortunately the ride was down due to “technical difficulties”. I was told they loaded magic bands with a free fast pass to use at one of a select list of attractions but could check back later. 

Walt Disney One Man’s Dream was my next stop because in the theater they had a sneak preview of Zootopia. After seeing this extended preview, I definitely need to see this movie. 

Next I went into the Star Wars Launch Bay so I could meet Kylo Ren. I went through the Chase exclusive line and it was quite short. Kylo Rem talks to you and tries to intimidate you but it was fun:


I was walking around and as I walked by the Frozen sing along they said they were about to shut the doors but there were a few seats available. Therefore I went inside “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along.”  This is the first time I’ve seen the show since they moved it to the bigger theater where American Idol Experience used to be. The two historians were hysterical!
After the Frozen sing along I used the fast pass from Toy Story to go on Star Tours. The sequence was Millennium Falcon, Jakku with the transmission from Finn, BB-8 transmission and Naboo but the Naboo sequence ended differently. This time when the star speeder crashed into the Naboo fighter the tip of the fighter broke off rather than breaking the viewport and the droid then threw yellow paint on the star speeder.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular had a 5:00 PM showing so I got in the standby line and got in the show early. 


After Indiana Jones the next stop was the “Path of the Jedi” show which is in the ABC Sound Stage. It’s a movie that chronicles Luke Skywalker’s journey and basically the Star Wars story. 

Next up I waited in line for “The Great Movie Ride”. The posted wait time was 30 minutes but it was about half of that. 

I finally got a good picture of the alien!

The last event of the night was Symphony in the Stars which is the Star Wars fireworks show. I purchased a ticket to the dessert party with reserved seating for the event:

The fireworks show was amazing!


Animal Kingdom December 7, 2015

I got to Animal Kingdom around 9:30 AM as I slept in a bit since I was up late for the Christmas Party the night before. 

My first fastpass which was for the Safari was from 10:55 – 11:55 so I went looking for characters. I saw Tarzan, Flik, Baloo & King Louie, Donald Duck, and Santa Goofy & Pluto. I went to Pocahontas’ line but it was very long and not moving so I passed.

Next I went to Kilimanjaro Safari with my fastpass. With it being cooler and more dreary out, it seemed that more animals were out. I saw baby giraffes running around and even saw three lions sleeping on the rocks.

After the safari I headed over to the Adventurer’s Outpost to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.