Magic Kingdom So Far

As soon as we got to the Magic Kingdom we went directly to the Emporium gift shop. I read online that Disney began selling the Halloween merchandise. If you wait until October they will be sold out. Every year I like to get the holiday themes t-shirts. And, indeed, they are out and the quantities were somewhat limited although I did find my size in the 2 adult 2014 shirts. I also bought the watch that they just put out. From there we went to the Adventureland Veranda which is where Peter Pan is having his meet and greets now. We were first in line and it was out favorite Peter Pan who was out. I told him Sunday was my birthday and he wished me a happy birthday Sunday and asked what I was going to do. I said I would come back to see him but that I was having dinner at Beast’s castle. He said he hopes he doesn’t get fur in my food lol.

We then had Fastpass plus for Haunted Mansion which is always a must do for us. Pirates of the Caribbean had a short wait so we headed there next.

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