Finishing the Day

After having pictures with Cinderella & Rapunzel, I had my picture taken in front of the castle as I had some time to burn before the parade.

We had Fastpass for the Festival of Fantasy parade and I loved the view. I got great pictures and since I was right at the rope multiple cast members in the parade stopped and posed for me. One if the female dancers even batted her eyelashes at me lol.

I then played a bit of the Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom game. It was all in Fantasyland for me this time and I ended up getting the crystal and making it past the first level.

After taking some pictures of the Halloween decorations around Magic Kingdom I decided to head back to the hotel as I hadn’t actually been to my room yet. On the way out of Magic Kingdom I saw a poster for Star Wars: Rebels so I had to snap a pic.

Our room is very nice and pretty close to the elevator. We freshened up and headed to dinner. We had 6:40 reservations for 1900 Park Faire. To get there we took the bus from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately it was raining and so we got pretty wet going from the MK bus stop to the Monorail.

Dinner at 1900 Park Faire was awesome. The cast member that checked me in gave me a birthday button with the O in my name being Mickey ears. She said she was shocked I didn’t have one on. We sat on the side of the restaurant closest to the door, an area we had never been at. Almost as soon as we sat down we saw Cinderella and a few minutes later Prince Charming came by. We got a plate of food and shortly after we saw Lady Tremaine and then the two step sisters. It went so fast! Usually we have to wait but not tonight.

We had planned to see the Frozen fireworks at Hollywood Studios but it was raining pretty hard so we headed to Downtown Disney to get a bus back to Animal Kingdom Lodge. I decided to find the DTech customizable shop. So through the rain I went and when I got there I was annoyed they don’t have a Peter Pan template to make a phone case. So I ended up going to the Pin shop where I found some Star Wars and a Peter Pan & Wendy pin I don’t have.

Now I’m heading back to the hotel to call it a night. It was a productive first day and I was very active. According to my Fitbit I walked 8.26 miles!

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