Getting Wet & Mickey’s Backyard BBQ

After Maelstrom, we went back to the resort for a short while. We then headed to Magic Kingdom as I had to pick up our tickets for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ at Guest Relations.

On our way to Magic Kingdom, it started raining. And not just raining…HEAVY down pours. Even with a poncho on I got drenched. After getting our tickets we went to the boat launch to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness but due to the weather the boats weren’t running.

So we had to go back to the buses, getting more soaked on the way. We took a bus to Wilderness Lodge. Then we had to take a bus from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness. We got to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ just in time!

Mickey’s Backyard BBQ was cute. They had a country western band that lead a dance party, the rope performer and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale were there dressed as cowboys. Mickey and Minnie did meet and greets throughout the night but not the others. The food was good. It was a buffet with hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, chicken, ribs and all kinds of salads. They had fountain drinks and freezers with ice cream bars.

We had intended to go to Hollywood Studios for Frozen Fireworks but the BBQ didn’t end until after 8 so we wouldn’t have had time. Besides we were still pretty soaked.

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