Disney Magic

We received some Disney magical treatment this morning! We took a bus from Saratoga Springs to Hollywood Studios with the intention of taking the boat from Hollywood Studios to the Beach Club for breakfast at Cape May Cafe. Our bus driver must be new as he had another cast member training him. We were the last people off the bus and as we exited the trainer wished us a good day at the Studios. I smiled and said it will be a short trip since we are going to breakfast.

The trainer pulled me aside and asked where we were going. I told him and he got on his radio and spoke with dispatch. He got the ok to drive us directly to the Beach Club! He said he route was slow this morning and this would only take him 3 minutes.

We got to the restaurant in record time and the trainer talked with us on the trip over as he has been a cast member for a while and shared some of his experiences. It was truly magical!

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