Animal Kingdom

Although we got to Ohana early, we still had a bit of a wait until we were seated. They didn’t do the picture that they normally do as you arrive, likely due to the construction. Instead there was a photographer that came around with Stitch which was honestly better. The food was great as always and we saw Lilo, Stitch, Mickey Mouse in his Hawaiian shirt and Pluto.

We then went to Animal Kingdom which also has construction going on. We first got our bearings and then did the meet & greet / photo with Dug and Russell from Up. Their area is now much smaller due to the construction but I did get Dug to bring out his squirrel.

We then used our fast pass for Festival of the Lion King in the new Harumbe Theater which is right next to Tusker House restaurant. The show was good but I was disappointed they didn’t have the overhead act during “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. I asked a cast member and she said it was not in just for today with no reason given.

We then did photos with Baloo and King Louie who are fun as always. I said Winnie the Who to them and got them to laugh. Using a fast pass we saw It’s Tough To Be A Bug although standby was only a 5 minute wait.

We then went to Dinoland USA and met Daisy Duck. Daisy is in the spot where Winnie the Pooh and Tigger used to be. I thought she might be in a safari outfit but she was in her standard outfit. Next up was Donald Duck picture with him in his safari outfit.

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