Magic Kingdom At Night

Wednesday ended for us at the Magic Kingdom. After a quick rest and change of clothes I headed to the Magic Kingdom as the park was open until 11 PM.

My first stop was to take a photo of the pumpkins at the front entrance as they were illuminated. I then played a portal of Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. I was happy to see that quite a few people were playing portals and I even had to wait a bit. I then got my daily pack of cards so I can add to the collection.

At that point I saw that quite a few people had lined up for the Main Street Electrical Parade so I decided to do the same. This time I chose a new spot as I went up the steps to where the railroad station and stood in the corner facing guest relations. This proved to be an amazing spot as I was right on the corner and since this parade starts at this location, I had the perfect view. I decided to record the parade with my new iPhone 6 plus and was happy to see a feature I hadn’t noticed before. You can take still photographs while video recording without stopping the video! So I was able to still take still photos while recording the parade which is truly amazing in my opinion.

At this point I was really tired and although the Magic Kingdom is open until 11 PM I decided to call it a night. Plan is to grab a late dinner at the Artist Palate and take it back to my room. I will eat dinner after a refreshing shower!

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