Disneyworld 9/13 Visit

Sunday, September 13, 2015 was my last full day in Walt Disney World for this trip.  My day started off by going to Animal Kingdom.  There were Extra Magic Hours that started at 8:00 AM but I didn’t get to the park until after 9:00 AM and it was pretty full.  The lines for bag check and to enter the park were pretty long.

I got into the park in time to use my 9:30 fast pass to see the Festival of the Lion King which is probably my favorite stage show in Walt Disney World right now.  I believe some of the performers are different than the last time I saw the show and I didn’t care for the woman who sang “Circle of Life” as much.  In the ending number she seemed to screech more than sing in my opinion.  As I left the theater the rain had begun.  I sough shelter at the Upcountry Landing where Baloo and King Louie meet.  Due to the weather they were not there but I was able to stay under cover for a bit.  I stayed there until it was time for my fast pass to the Kilimanjaro Safari.

I have come to enjoy the safari and this was, by far, the best one I was on.  First of all, for some odd reason they didn’t put anyone else in my row in the car so I had the entire row to myself which meant I could slide from side to side and get pictures of the animals no matter which side of the car they were on which was very cool.  Secondly, due to the rain, the animals were out more than what they normally are.  Evidently the animals enjoy the rain as it is cooler and so they tend to come out more.  We saw two cheetahs, monkeys, giraffes, and even both the male and female lions!  The driver told us that she can go up to two weeks without seeing one lion at all so that this was very special.  While I was on the safari, the rain had let up which was good.

After the safari I did some window shopping and picked up a few gifts for friends and family.  I then went to the Adventurer’s Outpost which is where Mickey and Minnie Mouse do a meet and greet.  I had a fast pass which made it easier.  After this experience I had decided to head back to the resort.  I took a break and filled my mug a few times and got a personal pepperoni pizza for lunch.

I then headed to the bus stop and took the bus to the Magic Kingdom.  Upon entering the park I went to Adventureland and played a portal of Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom but for some reason it didn’t work when I used my spell card so I had to go to yet another portal.  That time it worked and I then went to Liberty Square and got my daily card allotment.  For the heck of it, I decided to walk over to Fantasyland and see if Peter Pan was out.  Peter was, in fact, at his meeting spot in front of the Neverland Map aside of Peter Pan’s Flight but the line was already cut.  The cast member told me that he would be coming back out at 4:40 PM.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make that so I asked if he was meeting tomorrow morning and was told he would be meeting between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM.  At that point I walked around Fantasyland and since it was already 4:15 PM by this time, I decided to hang around for the 4:40 Peter Pan meet and greet.  Getting in line around 4:20, I was hardly the first person in line.  But I waited it out and got to see my favorite character.  Peter liked my Darth Vader shirt I was wearing and asked about him.  When I said that Darth Vader cut off Luke Skywalker’s hand he chuckled and said he cut off Captain Hook’s hand so that Darth Vader must be like him but that he (Peter) smells better.

After seeing Peter Pan, I exited the Magic Kingdom and boarded the monorail which I took the Transportation and Ticket Center.  From there I hopped on the other monorail and went to EPCOT.  Immediately I walked to World Showcase and saw Duffy the Disney Bear which will probably be the last time I will get a picture with him as they announced that his meet and greet is ending.  I then went to the photography shop and got the complimentary print out from my picture at the Chase Character Spot from yesterday.  I then went over to the Chase Character Spot and got another picture taken.  It was Mickey Mouse and Goofy again which was ok as they are always fun.  They, too, liked my Darth Vader shirt and pretended to duel one another with lightsabers!

Lastly, I went to Mouse Gears and finished my shopping for this trip by getting gifts for the last of my friends and family.  The odd part was I was looking for something at Animal Kingdom and in the back of my mind I kept hearing, go to Mouse Gears.  And well when I went to Mouse Gears I saw something that one of my friends is really going to like.

I decided to call it a day at this point and made my way back to the resort.  I stopped and ordered dinner which I will heat up later and eat before going to bed.  I then started the worst part of vacation:  packing to go home.  At this point I am packed except for what I’m wearing and what I need to get ready in the morning but otherwise I’m under control.  I even have time to get some ice cream before retiring for the night.

Total steps walked per my Fitbit:  19,958 (but I will break 20k when I walk over for ice cream)

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