All Star Movies 12/3 – 12/4

Our Disney Vacation began very late on 12/3. The airline we fly that is most convenient for us had a 7:20 PM flight into Sanford. Between baggage check and the shuttle ride we opted to not use our DVC points for the night and instead usually get a hotel for one night. This time we opted to get a room on Disney property and we chose All Star Movies.

I personally stayed here once before becoming a DVC member but that was many years ago so it was almost like seeing the resort again for the first time.

We got in just after midnight so we didn’t get to look around too much but being big hockey fans I found it ironic that we were given a room in the Mighty Ducks section. 

After sleeping in until 8:30 I walked around a bit and captured this picture at the 101 Dalmatians area:

I also walked around the lobby area and took some pictures including the Christmas decorations.

Some pictures from around the resort:

Overall we found the resort to be very nice and we had a great time there. 

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