Weight Loss The Second Time Around is Harder

The last time I underwent a weight loss journey wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination but it seemed to go a lot better than it is this go round.  The first time I worked on weight loss, I started off by finding the correct nutritional plan that worked for me and my initial weight loss was via eating healthy.  I slowly added exercise to my program and eventually the weight I was losing was due mostly to exercise although I did continue to eat healthy.

This go round, my nutrition is awful.  I will do good for a day or two but then the cravings for take out or cookies or candy takes over.  The sad part is after I eat the bad stuff I have regret and get even more depressed for eating unhealthy.  My activity is, by no means, up to par with my previous program but I am pretty steady with getting exercise in daily.  I want to build back up to my previous level to where I was in a good fat burning zone.

Tomorrow is another day and another chance to be healthy.

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