Hollywood Studios

I slept until 7 AM this morning and it was great getting some rest after being up so early on Sunday. Unfortunately it is a gloomy weather day here at Walt Disney World. It has been raining off and on this morning but not so severe…just showers.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is our destination today and upon arriving to the park we went to the animation area and got in line for the Big Hero Six meet and greet. The line started at 9:30 AM when the characters come out at 10:30. We got a place in line and then took turns going to see Minnie Mouse in her dressing room.

After meeting Minnie and having a wait we got to meet Hiro and Baymax. Baymax is so cool and he gives you a hug! They don’t sign autographs so they give you a card as you enter the cue. We then went on the Great Movie Ride which is always a favorite.

At this point we were hungry and got lunch at the ABC Commissary. For dessert we got the cupcakes as there is a Santa Mickey ears cupcake and an Olaf cupcake.

This afternoon we have fast passes for Star Tours; Lights, Motor, Action; and Toy Story Midway Mania.

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