More Hollywood Studios

After lunch we used our fast passes for Star Tours. The sequence was: Millennium Falcon, Wookie Planet (Kashyyk), Admiral Ackbar, Boba Fett, Death Star & Rebel Ship.

Even though it was raining they did hold Lights, Motor, Action and we used our fast pass for the show. I was surprised they did the entire show including the fire scenes but the rain had died down by then. After that we took pictures of the nativity scene which is in a more prominent location this year.

We stopped by a gift shop and I found the Happy Holidays t-shirt and hoodie in my size. I learned that if you see your size buy it or else you might not find it again.

Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post was our next stop and just outside of it Santa Goofy was taking pictures so we got photos with him. Once inside Wandering Oaken’s I got the Aurasma picture with the trolls and Sven. I then bought the Christmas Olaf magic band.

Toy Story Midway Mania was our next stop with our fast passes. The game glitched at the end and didn’t let me shoot in the bonus round so my score wasn’t as good.

We ended our time at Hollywood Studios by going to Mickey’s of Hollywood where I found the Baymax limited edition magic band. Now mind you I don’t need another magic band but I bought it! I also bought some pins I don’t have and some Christmas gifts. I also traded for two pins I don’t have: a baby Peter Pan and a Duffy with Sultan hat pin.

I am heading back to the resort to drop off all of my loot before heading to EPCOT for dinner at the Biergarten.

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