Animal Kingdom Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday, March 15th was allocated to Animal Kingdom for the morning. Tusker House was our first destination as we had 8:40 breakfast reservations. As soon as we were seated Mickey Mouse greeted us in his safari outfit. Shortly thereafter we were met with Goofy and Daisy Duck in their Safari outfits. After we were finished Donald Duck came to see us in his safari gear. I showed him my plush Donald Duck which is clipped to my backpack which he, of course, liked. 

Festival of the Lion King was our next stop as we had fast passes to the 10 AM show which is the first show of the day. The show was impressive as always and always sets a great tone for the day. One thing that touched me was during the final number when they invite kids out to dance with the cast, one of the cast member got a little girl who was in a wheelchair and wheeled her around with the kids who were dancing. Disney is magical and I bet that family appreciated it.

As we were walking by Daisy Duck was out greeting guests so we got in line. She was wearing her pink and purple dress which I told her she looked lovely in to which I got a hug and kiss!

Our mission of the day was to find DiVine as we have never seen her. As we got to thre front of the park she was exiting but I did get a few pictures of her as she walked away. I spoke to a cast member and she said DiVine was coming back in a half hour. So we did some window shopping and went back and saw the cast member who worked with DiVine. She came out moments later and was so beautiful and graceful. After a few steps and graceful moves DiVine stopped by a tree and posed with guests. So I finally can add DiVine to my list of characters I have met.

Mickey and Minnie in their Safari Outifits at Adventurer Outpost was our next stop as we had fast passes. This was a great time as the mice are always great. 

It was then on to two of my favorite characters at Animal Kingdom: Louie & Baloo. These two are alway hysterical and they did not disappoint this time either. They gave us hugs and joked around.

The Kilimanjaro Safari was our next stop and we got to see some great animals. I’m happy we had fast passes as the wait time was 70 minutes!

This concluded our day at Animal Kingdom so we headed back to our resort before heading out to the next park. 

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