Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios: Sunday, March 15, 2015

After stopping at the resort for a few minutes and getting something to drink, I headed to the Magic Kingdom. I met up with friends from Instagram and watches the Festival of Fantasy parade with them. We watched from the hub near Tomorrowland which afforded me the opportunity to get nice pictures of the characters who walk along the parade route as opposed to those who are on floats.

After catching up with these friends, we went over to Tom Sawyer Island. It has been many years since I was there so it was fun to take the ferry over, see the different views–especially of Big Thunder Mountain, and take the raft back to Magic Kingdom. 

After saying goodbye to my friends I played a few rounds of Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. I then got my daily card allotment from the area in Liberty Square. I ended my day at the Magic Kingdom by picking up some gifts at the Confectionary.

Back at Animal Kingdom Lodge I got something to drink but then headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It seems from what we heard earlier in the week, it will not be called this for much longer. Although the construction wall is still up the Sorcerer’s Hat is gone. It was very odd to see the Chinese theater unobstructed but it is a very cool look. I enjoyed taking pictures of this “new” scenery.

I walked around Hollywood Studios before going to the theater where “Sounds Dangerous” used to be as this is where Disney was offering an extended preview of the live action “Cinderella”. They played a good chunk of the scene between the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella including the transformation of the coach, horses, and clothing. I can’t wait to see the movie!

I then rode Star Tours and this wa interesting. The cast member had everyone secure and was about to shut the door when a woman in the front row asked to leave. The cast member had to shut the ride down and let the woman out. The cast member then had to restart the ride process but she missed a step and had to call for help. Finally we got to ride the attraction and our sequence was: Millennium Falcon, Pod Race on Tattoine, Yoda and Naboo.

I did some window shopping but then decided to call it a night. As I walked to the bus stop the bus was there and was in the middle of a driver change. I was the first passenger to board. No one else came so after a few minutes the driver drove off thus giving me a private bus ride back to the resort!

Since I didn’t have dinner, I went to Jambo house to their quick service restaurant, The Mara, and got a pepperoni flat bread. The line was huge! After I got my food I walked from Jambo back to Kidani. I filled out mug and got ice cream bars as a treat. I was surprised they gave me a pass holder discount on them!

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