Dorney Park September 5, 2015

Today we spent the day in Dorney Park in Allentown, PA again. Although the parking lot was full when we got here, right at the park opened at 10:00 AM, the amusement park was not very crowded. My guess is most people headed to the water park.

Our first stop, after walking through Planet Snoopy, was to the Muisk Express. I believe we were the first people to ride this attraction today as they took off the chain right before we entered. There were no other passengers on the train which was fun!

Next up was Thunderhawk the wooden roller coaster followed by The Scrambler. There was only one other person on Thunderhawk and we did Scrambler alone. 

I then used my all season dining to get a Subway sub. That will be lunch one day this upcoming week. 

We then walked around a bit and ended up going on the Monster. I was nervous the first time I rode this but have come to love it. The first time I was the only person on the ride so I went a second time. This go round there were more people so they operated two arms of the monster. 

Planet Snoopy was the next stop and Smoopy was walking around in his Hawaiian shirt so I got a picture with him.  We then walked around the candy store, the Sugar Shack. They advertised $1 deals. Well it turned out it was a ruler lol. 

Next I did the Sea Dragon which I am coming to like more and more each time I ride it. We were in the third row from the back which was fun. 

We doubled back and did the Musik Express again followed by the Tilt-a-Whirl. It was then that I got brave and decided to go on Steel Force which is a roller coaster with a 250 foot drop. I actually loved it. 

With the roller coaster done we had lunch. We had $1 hot dogs. I can see why they were a $1 as they were lukewarm at best. 

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