Dorney Park 6/20/2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015 started as a gloomy day in the Lehigh Valley. Like many weekend days this day was spent in Dorney Park.

Arriving just before 9:30 AM we got early entry at 9:30 because of our Annual Pass. I used this time to just walk around as there are only three attractions open during the 9:30 – 10:00 time and I don’t frequent those.

When the full park opened I headed to Musik Express and it was running with just two people on it. I waited in line and rode it all alone–only person on the ride.

After some more walking around, I came to the Scrambler which I personally call the Mixer Machine. I wasn’t quite alone on the ride but only one other car. 

Using the All Season Dining plan I purchased, I went to Subway. I bought my typical turkey sub with reduced fat chips. Fortunately, like a regular Subway, they wrap it up and put it in a bag as I wasn’t quite hungry yet but the way the meal plan works is you get two meals a day but they have to be four hours apart. So I buy my Subway early so I can get dinner before leaving the park.

The next ride was Tilt A Whirl. Although there are more people about now and the ride was full, I didn’t have a long wait. 

No visit to Dorney Park is complete without at least one ride on the Whip. I walked right on and got a blue car which is always my personal preference.

Next up was Cedar Creek Flyers. As I approached no one was on the ride and there was no line. So I got to ride it by myself. As I rode a small line formed which was good. 

I was in line for Monster, a ride I have never been on and was about to get on when the attendant came over to those of us in line and said they had to close the ride. A woman who was on had just thrown up so they had to close it so it could be cleaned.

Planet Snoopy was my next stop. At noon the famous beagle himself, Snoopy, came out and I got a picture with him.

I then returned to Monster and rode it for the first time. I loved it! I will definitely do again. 

Planet Snoopy was, once again, my destination. Sally, Charlie Brown’s little sister was on stage for pictures. After Sally left, Woodstock came out and I got a picture with him.

Dinosaurs Alive has quickly become one of my favorite parts of Dorney Park. Unfortunately this area doesn’t get a lot of traffic. That’s good from the perspective of taking pictures but I fear what the future holds for this area as the last few times I have been here it has been virtually empty. Entrance to Dinosaurs Alive is not included in park admission and costs $5 which isn’t bad. Annual pass holders do get in free though. Honestly as a pass holder I come almost every visit to Dorney but as nice as it is, I wouldn’t pay five bucks more than once.

It was then back to the Scrambler for round two of the day. At this point I had done just about all I wanted to do for the day but had some time to kill before I could use my meal plan again. So I decided to do some rides again. 

I decided to head back to Monster since I had so much fun the last time. Today they were only loading two arms of the Monster despite it having six arms. Each arm has four cars. 

Round two of Cedar Creek Flyers was next followed by yet another visit to the Whip. 

My day at Dorney ended with using the meal plan to get dinner. I got a personal pepperoni pizza with breadsticks from Amore Pizza.

It was a great day. 

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