Star Wars Launch Bay December 2 2015

On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 2, 2015 I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Immediately, I went back to Star Wars Launch Bay which had just opened the day before, December 1st. 
There are two lines when you enter Launch Bay. To the right you enter the building that was formerly the Art of Animation building. There they have replicas of Star Wars items on display: 

Also in this area are the meet and greets for Darth Vader and Chewbacca. If you have a Disney Chase Visa you have your own entrance for Darth Vader and it is much quicker than his normal line:

Both characters are interactive as you hear Vader breathing and Chewie roars and laughs. The cast members are in uniform and ask for your identification device (magic band) when you have your picture.

There are even characters roaming around like the Jawas although they don’t have forms meet and greets or photographers:

There are also video game consoles where you can play video games:

As you exit there is a room with Star Wars: The Force Awakens replicas:


And the very last room is a shop that has mostly high end items like storm trooper armor:

On the other side of the Launch Bay is Launchbey Theater which had a 30 minute wait this date. 

While in line you are surrounded by artist prints and movie posters:

The Star Wars Launchbay Theater was a movie that was about minutes in length.

The movie was a behind the scenes documentary type movie that features Kathleen Kennedy, J J Abrams, the director of Episode 8, director of Rogue One, Dave Filoni and others from Lucasfilm and Disney. It talks about how Stad Wars touched so many and how Star Wars will be around for decades to come.

The room where the movie is housed empties into the rest of the launch bay starting with where the meet and greets are.

Outside of the area where the Launch Bay is the popcorn / snack stands are selling sodas in either a BB8 or Chewbacca stein. Popcorn can be purchased in a Darth Vader Helmet or in a Tie Fighter bucket:

Overall I was pleased with Star Wars Launchbay and can’t wait for Star Wars Land.

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