Hollywood Studios & EPCOT December 5 2015

This day in Walt Disney World didn’t start the way it was originally planned.  First for some reason my alarm didn’t go off and I ended up sleeping until 8:30 which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone knows that Disney vacations can be intensive and I’m the type of person who is on the go constantly so I have been fairly tired. So a little extra sleep on vacation isn’t a bad thing.

We decided to get quick service breakfast at our resort which was pretty good but the wait was a bit long. I had a fast pass to the 11:00 AM showing of Indiana Jones and so I got to the Contemporary bus stop at around 10 AM thinking it would be in more than enough time. Well it turns out the monorails were down and they were bussing people to Magic Kingdom and the Transportation & Ticket Center (for EPCOT). So the bus stop was a zoo.

I decided to change my fast pass times and go back and rest in the room until they sorted this out. Instead I got a fast pass for 11:55 The Great Movie Ride and for the 2:00 PM show of Indiana Jones.

By the time we got to the bus stop around 11:15 it was much more calm and we got to Hollywood Studios in no time at all.

We used our fast pass for The Great Movie Ride.

After the attraction I saw that Dinosaur Gertie’s was open so I got an ice cream cone!

We then were able to get into the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

They had us enter through the left hand side and actually walked us on the stage and to the middle of the theater to enter the seating area. 


 We then boarded the Friendship boats and sailed to the Yacht & Beach Club where we got off and walked the rest of the way to EPCOT. At EPCOT we had dinner reservations at the Garden Grill which included the Candlelight Processional dinner package. Since our dinner reservation was at 4:05, we literally had met every character (Farmer Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Chip & Dale) before our server ever came to the table. 

Because we had met all of the characters so early they actually came to our table a second time and posed for pictures a second time which is rare.

Since we had ample time before the Candlelight Processional we took our time walking around World Showcase.

In England we stopped to listen to British Revolution which is always great. I also took some pictures of the Christmas decorations.


As we continued walking around World Showcase, as we got to the Japan pavilion at around 5:45 PM we saw the line for the Candlelight Processional had already started and even if you had the dinner package, the line was already long for the 6:45 show. So we got in line and did the waiting game. They started letting us in to the theater around 6:20 PM.

 Our guest narrator was Whoopi Goldberg, who I have seen narrate before. 

It was a long trek back to our resort as the parks were quite crowded and the lines at the monorail stations were intense. After we returned I walked around the Contemporary a bit taking pictures.

And I got to watch the electric water pageant which was a nice way to end my day.


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